How to Keep your Septic Tank in Good Condition

How to Keep your Septic Tank in Good Condition

A septic tank is necessary for every household because it is where the wastes coming from the toilet and your kitchen sink are stored and collected. If it weren’t for your sewage system, you’ll be faced with living in an area where sewage is spilled everywhere and your home will be too dangerous to live in. Imagine a time where people have to collect their own wastes and that they have to find a means to dispose of the sewage. Thank you for the invention called the sewage system.

For the house owner, it is your responsibility to keep your septic tank and sewage system in good shape. Thus, if you feel that your septic tank is already full of sewage, it’s time for you to contact your friendly neighborhood sewage cleaners so they can drain out all the wastes and also clean your septic system properly.

You too can also do your part in keeping your septic tank in good working condition. First, you must not allow the rainwater coming from the roof gutters to be diverted at the drainfield. A wet drainfield may no longer absorb and neutralize the effluent liquid from the septic system. The drainfield must be kept dry at most times because that is where the liquid from the septic system goes. You must plan your landscaping by planting grass on top of the drainfield. They will help absorb the excess water when the drainfield becomes soggy. Just make sure that the grasses will not have roots that can reach the lateral pipes to prevent going through the perforations. Additionally, keep trees away from the septic system. The roots of the trees can damage the pipes and the septic tank itself.

Second, you must avoid overloading the septic tank by reducing excessive use of water. Check your faucets of any leaks and repair at once. You can also use aerators on faucets and flow reducer nozzles on bathroom showers to lessen the consumption of water. When doing your laundry reduce the water levels especially for small loads. If you will run the dishwasher wait until it is full. Do not use the dishwasher for small dishes so you’ll prevent using water often. Reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet by using displacer. You will not only overload the septic tank system but you can also save water.


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  • Lloyd Bronson
    October 25, 2019, 6:22 pm Reply

    I’m thankful that you brought to light how it is important to keep one’s septic tank and sewage system in good shape in order to ensure that they function as effectively as possible. My spouse and I are interested in having a house built in the up and coming future of a few months from now. We’ll be sure to hire the most qualified septic installation services by doing more research on the topic.